Forgotten Memories

There is a time loneliness sets in, not from the people around me but from the ones inside me. Those are the moments I seek the pleasure of writing, and some of the pieces find their way into this collection.

Piku- The movie

I saw Piku a couple of days ago, which is quite late for a movie that released such a long time ago. I have come to realize that I have lost the energy and will to do anything unless its absolutely necessary. So, since am at my Nani's place again, it was a good time to do something fun.

So back to the movie, it was quite nice. I'd admit that most people would the miss the point of the movie itself as its more or less without a story. It's more like taking a walk with the characters and then parting ways in a while after getting a glimpse into their life.

The point where Piku touched me the most was how we tend to center our life around a particular person. Bhaskor is shown to be this selfish, arrogant old man with Piku looking after him. But in reality, Piku was also dependent upon him in such subtle ways. I have known people who have a dependent and they spend all their life around them. Their aims, ambitions, perceptions- all can be tied back to that single point. And when that point disappears, its as if the world ends. You don't know what to do anymore. For the people who know me, I connect this to my mother. All my life, I have lived with the aim to provide a better life for her. And in that process, I never planned my own life. I never considered what I would do if my mother did not want what we had initially planned or what came after that. Off late, I have been forced to make choices about my own life and its a bit of shock to discover that rest of the world exists. I don't know the value of my own existence if its not supporting something or someone else. And it may sound as a heroic statement, but actually its not. To be so dependent on another existence is like being a parasite, that draws from someone else's dependency.

Anyway, nice movie. Deepika shouts well in this one. Back to packing now.


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